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Request a free web-presence insights

Request a free web-presence insights

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We create dynamic, user-centric websites that are fully optimized for SEO. All our content is engaging, with seamless functionality, which is crucial for effective company growth.

Web design



High-converting websites

High converting websites that

Triple your leads

We give you the all the necessary tools to drive traffic to your website so you can convert them. 

High converting design

Optimized for mobile

Search Engine Optimization

Client Relationship Management (CRM

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A well-designed website for your business

A well-designed website offers immense benefits, providing a global reach, 24/7 accessibility, and enhancing credibility. It serves as a powerful marketing tool, offering customer convenience, data collection for informed decisions, and cost-effective promotion. With its competitive advantage, it fosters customer communication, supports scalability, and adapts to business changes, contributing significantly to business growth and success in the digital era.

Are Workflow process…

Define the Project

This is the information-gathering process meant to dig deep

Develop Structure

Involves planning, organizing, and creating a framework

Design Visuals

Crafting user-friendly aesthetics to enhance web usability and engagement

Build & Integrate

Constructing and merging components for a functional website.

Launch & Beyond

Deploying site, maintaining, updating for sustaining site performance


What we provide

A well-designed website, fully optimized for web presence, is a crucial cornerstone for any modern business. It serves as a digital storefront, presenting credibility, professionalism, and accessibility to a global audience. At 98 Pixels we fully optimize our websites to enhance your visibility on search engines, drawing in organic traffic and potential customers. Your site will foster user engagement, ensure seamless navigation and responsiveness across devices, ultimately leading to increased conversions and brand loyalty. In today’s competitive landscape, a robust online presence through a well-designed and optimized website is pivotal for sustained growth and success.

Search engine optimization

Get more traffic to your website

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) involves optimizing a website’s content, structure, and keywords to rank higher on Google Search. Google Search, the primary search engine, indexes websites based on relevance, authority, and user experience. Google Analytics tracks website traffic, offering insights into user behavior, conversions, and demographics. Google Ads, an advertising platform, enables businesses to create targeted campaigns, utilizing keywords to appear in search results, complementing SEO efforts and boosting visibility for specific audiences, driving traffic and conversions.